Spirit Doll with a Story

Create your own unique Spirit Doll using simple materials like wires, foam, glues and threads, as well as pretty fabrics, wool, beads, bells or trinkets you may already have. 

Free up your creativity and watch your stories unfold with this gentle and intuitive process.

Spirit Dolls with a Story is a 10-video eCourse with easy-to-follow demos for shaping your own Spirit Doll and uncovering its Story.

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Our habitual stories usually protect us from the mystery of our lives, but there is always an
opportunity to take our storytelling deeper.

~ Original Self ~ Thomas Moore

This eCourse contains everything you need to complete a Spirit Doll with a Story. Everything is conveyed in easy to understand videos. You get:

  • a full materials list with a variety of options
  • a warm-up activity to get you started
  • clear, step-by-step demos to create your doll
  • steps on how to shift into expressing your doll’s story


For inspiration, here are some videos from my blog, of different Spirit Doll Circles that evolved out of my expressive arts workshops 

Spirit Dolls with a Story is a unique experience each time you make one. Once you learn the basic process using the eCourse you can experiment and shape it in your own way.

If you have any questions at all please email me at daradines@icloud.com.

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