Earth Spirit by Dara
Fire Spirit by Dara
Wind Spirit by Dara
Water Spirit by Dara

Mandala Spirit Dolls

I’ve been exploring the “Archetypal Stages of the Great Round of Mandala” as identified by Joan Kellogg. She designates twelves stages: Stage one: VOID, Stage two: BLISS, Stage three: LABYRINTH, Stage four: BEGINNING, Stage five: TARGET, Stage six: DRAGON FIGHT, Stage seven: SQUARING THE CIRCLE, Stage eight: FUNCTIONING EGO, Stage nine: CRYSTALLIZATION, Stage ten: GATES OF DEATH, Stage Eleven: FRAGMENTATION, Stage Twelve: TRANSCENDENT ECSTASY.

The year I created these, I was participating in Julie Gibbons’ twelve month Mandala Magic eCourse where she used the medium of mandala and art journalling to explore each stage of the great round. After expressing each stage in an Art Journal, I then chose to capture the essence of what inspired me and shift into creating a Spirit Doll.
This process inspired a series of Mandala Spirit Doll & Story workshops in the community. 

Stage 1: Void
Stage 2: Bliss
Stage 3: Labarynth
Stage 4: Beginning
Stage 5: Target
Stage 6: Dragon Fight
Stage 7: Squaring The Circle
Stage 8: Functioning Ego
Stage 9: Crystallization
Stage 10: Gates of Death
Stage 11: Fragmentation

Spirit Doll Circles

created by Willing Hearts group

Keeper of Stories

“..the stories of the night twinkle in the stars and the stories of the dawn collect in the dew drops…”


created by Heartship group

Spirit of Harmony

“..and with music of heart, she steps out from the centre of the world she knows. She is unsure where the edge is…”